Thursday, August 4, 2011

It hurts losing a boyfriend of almost two years but it feels like someone pushed you off a cliff losing a best friend.
I'm falling with at the bottom there is no safety net or my best friend to catch me!!


MG said...

i read that you like reading the book, the Secret, hehehe. I love that book too, nwei just like what aw of attraction is trying to teach us, be positive..

losing bf is painful, but if you are positive enough its a chance to have a better bf. ^_^

Jc said...

aww thank you for this comment! I have been trying to be positive but its hard when i'm going through this! But I am getting better and pulling myself to being happy! Also being positive and loving yourself and every one is the secret to. Thank you for saying that its a chance to have a better bf it means a lot to me!