Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 4

This is the 4th day of exercising let's just say my stomach has been shrinking slowly and getting tighter. So I guess the pain is worth the healthy feeling. My muscles have been getting sore but that just means the exercising is working!! I have been feeling soo much better these days. You have no idea how much better and happy i feel! I feel accomplished and slowly getting healthy. Now i just have to get some healthy food and keep pushing myself! I thought you might get a laugh out of this story. I go in my backyard to exercising running jumping rope but i really like running better but i do both. So i convinced my big sister to exercise with me (i brought her to the dark side hehe!). My sister finally came to join me outside and i had put my headphones in and i guess she was talking to me but i couldn't hear her and i took off running. I stop and find my sister nowhere to be found thinking my fucking sister left me but as i catch my breath i see my sister running towards me. She was running after me! I couldn't stop laughing my ass off! My sister and me just started cracking up we couldn't stop laughing! It hurt because we were out of breath to. She was talking to me and i had took off running and i guess she was running after me to catch up to me but she couldn't. She was like "you're too fast i couldn't catch up to you." It was the funniest shit! I haven't laughed like that in soo long. That's my exercising story.

Reasons for exercising
1) I feel happy
2) I'm getting healthy and skinner is a bonus!
3) I'm active
4) I'm getting sleepy! (that's the main reason i did this!)

I'm getting sleepy and I'm hungry. That pb& j is calling my name and soo is that glass of milk! Then I'm off to bed to dream of me floating on a fluffy blue cloud with nothing but the stars staring down at me and filled with happiness.

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