Friday, June 10, 2011

Things I wanna do in my life!

Be in a movie
 in a music video
dancer and dance like no one is watching
play in a band
 a model
on a billboard
on a cover of a book
in the spotlight
swim in the ocean
sing in a band
drive a boat
dye my hair all blue
cut my hair really short
dance in the rain until i get sick
travel everywhere and stay more than a month
try everything and anything
wear a stupid a hat and call it my job
an artist
skinny dip
get drunk and not remember what happen
yell at the top of my lungs on the ruff of a building
change someones life for a good reason
mean something 
swim with dolphins
take a cooking class
 in a dance marathon
in a commercial
be in "how i met your mother" the show

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