Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Getting my head on straight

My summer has been least than relaxing!! You ask why?
My boyfriend and me have been having problems...shocker there right! We got into this big fight about two days ago and yesterday we straightened everything out saying if we were going to be together or not and well we are still together...YAY!! The fight was about my ex and I having feels for each other when me and my boyfriend have been dating and well I'm either stupid for telling him the truth or for doing the things i did... BOTH! I rather not say what i did but only that i shouldn't have and no i didn't kiss my ex when i was dating my boyfriend or anything like that. My boyfriend came to my house the other day and we talked and worked everything out and he was upset and tears fell on his cheeks...I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let all my feelings come out and along with it the tears. Tear after tear fall on my bare cheeks washing my make up, making my face damp and wet. He grabbed my hand and pulled me off the chair and wrapped his arms around my body tight not letting go of me! Like he didn't want to lose me not for second.
I cried on his shoulder, holding him tight like it was just the two of us in the world. One sweet kiss that's all it took was... just that!

Today my ex called me and i answered. I only answered to tell him that i couldn't talk to him anymore and he was better off with out me. It was all true!
He said that we have both moved on and that he only wanted to be friends this time. Its not that easy! We tried being friends so many times and it never worked because we had strong feels then one got hurt then the other and than all was hurt. I just couldn't pretend anymore. It was over me and him that was the past and i couldn't go back even if i wanted to. He made that perfectly clear that he needed time and its too late now. He fucked up everything and we both will live with that. I'm moving on with my boyfriend and i can't with my ex still there. We talked about this for a while then he said "i understand just remember i will always love you! And i will be here whenever you need me. I will be waiting!"
He says waiting like for me to be single and waiting for my relationship to be over. I said "ok i hope everything works out and please don't do anything stupid."
He told me that those days are over. He's not stupid anymore. Then we said bye and it was the end...Or the beginning to a new start!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I need your guys help.
1) does anyone have any advice on how to find a job. (if you haven't worked before)
2) does anyone know or have any advice on getting a green card fast.
I'm in Phx and you know the new law so i need help on getting a green card fast before August. Leave your comments for me please i need major advice and help.