Thursday, May 6, 2010

The wicked witch! just with a B

OH my gosh I'm so fucking pissed right now.Thought blogging would help that because nobody reads this anyways so whats the point.OK back to me being pissed a lot of drama. Well my boyfriend hates my close friend Victor and well my friend is not to fond of my boyfriend Rick. Anyways two days ago i was joking around with my friend and well people misconstrued me and my friend as flirting so this BITCH girl that happens to be my boyfriends friend Veronica the bitch which i like to call her! She takes a picture of us meaning me and my friend messing around (not a very good picture! you can't even see anything) well she showed my boyfriend and lets just say he was the lest bit happy! He was a ticking time boom ready to go off any second.

He wouldn't even let me hug him or anything. Well i reached to grab him he said "DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!"
We both left angry that day! We made a promise he wouldn't talk to her again and i wouldn't ever touch my friend like that ever!
Today i was so pissed i wanted to know why she did it and i was determined to find out!
She didn't come yesterday which i was going to talk to her.She showed today pretending shes better than anyone! Witch people just call her a slut! which is true! Anyways i walked out of my math class where she was sitting on the floor whoring around...I ask her friend if i can talk to the bitch alone and so she gets up and the bitch looks up "yes?"
"you know what."
the Bitch says "No what?"
Me:" the pictures. Its none of your business!"
well we start aguring and she was like yes it is his my friend and i say his not your friend he doesn't even care about you! She starts yelling and people can hear her annoying voice down the hall and kids are standing out of their classes hoping for a fight! while people keep going in and out of our math class hearing everything and i rather just die and hope she ends up in hell!

A teacher comes out of a near by class and asks whats going on and we both say nothing. The teacher says i heard yelling and i was going to call security.She asked what class we had and bitch said this class and i was just working outside and then she asked me and i said the same i was just talking to her. The teacher knows the bitch from a class before and says bitch was being loud and they could hear her in the teachers class and i said i was just talking. This is the best part...the teacher says yes she was talking but you were yelling and the bitch says you know me i project my voice and I'm very sorry.
After the teacher leaves we begin talking again i tell her just stop talking pictures of me it none of your business and she says i wont if you stop flirting and I'm like why did you? do you like victor is that it? and well it ends in me saying just stop and shes like what if i wont then i say if you don't then you'll find out! i open the door and i hear say shes being a bitch....
I honestly don't care what a bitch has to say about me she is nothing she is just a slut!!!!
Later me and my boyfriend got in a fight because of this. She told me he told her to make sure i don't flirt and if i did to show him. when we got down stairs he trys holding my hand not even a second i thought i could do it but i cant yank my hand away and say i just cant and his like why? whats wrong? i tell him i need to calm down i cant right now. He says tell me and i tell him what the bitch said that he told her to take pictures. He looks at me and says "what no i didn't and says my friends being telling me you flirt with him and asked me if your going out with him. I never told her anything! That day i texts you to come outside she was saying I'm stupid for waiting outside for you when you in there flirting with him!"
He doesn't even stick up from me not even his-self! i want him to but i guess he won't! Even though i stick up for him all the time and he can't even for me or his self!

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