Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Insecure + jealousy = emotional wreck!

MY ex, i have it bad for! Like over the moon can't stop thinking about, kinda bad.I just can't let him go. His my best friend. He was my first boyfriend and when i have a bad day he makes it better. But if i love him shouldn't i let him go? To move on with his life and forget about me and Never look back. For him to be happy for once and him to never look over his should and see me.
My boyfriend now on the other hand is so sweet and comforting me today after school when i was having a bad day and i just didn't want to say bye when i had to leave school and go home. His always been there for me and i told him so much. We broke up for less than 24 hours and that was the longest 24 hours of my life. We both felt like we died inside and got back together. When me and my ex broke up he waited weeks then went out again then broke up again and well you know the end.
I don't know what do to do anymore. the wrong decision can make my life now and if i pick the wrong one i could end up unhappy and miserable.
whats your opinions.

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