Sunday, April 4, 2010

Forbidden fruit..

The other day i went to different stores trying to find things for a baby shower. Well my brother is having a baby boy so my two sisters and mom have been helping and they made me go with them to help but it was so boring!! I didnt want to be there and my brother, as i said before is stupid and i dont care about him that much with all the things me and him been through. I have my own reasons to being mean to him and his asshole!! Was being stupid telling me not to text and who im texting i was like leave me alone!
Anyways we went to check at this park they might have the baby shower at and we were playing on it messing around but it wasnt like other parks, it had all this weird slids and net like to climb and other things.It was really Cool!!So i ended up going home at like ten. I was so tired..
Then my ex texted me and started making me feel worse then tired. He wanted to see me but he doesn't go to the same high school i go to. So its kinda hard to see someone that doesn't attend the same school. I can't be around him without wanting to cry! Because all i can think when i see him is i want to just hug him tight and not let go and just for him to be my boyfriedn then i could kiss him with out the label cheater or loosing the great boyfriend i have for nothing more then something thats problem not even good for me in the first place. It's like Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit but she couldn't help it and just took one bite of it..His my forbidden fruit that i can't even dare taste and just have to forget.
Well another day of school should cheer me up NOT!
I'm going to head to bed soon later night!

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