Friday, April 23, 2010

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars

immigration law sucks!!

So much as happened like my birthday, my family problems but right now all i can think is the immigration law that just got passed.It's ridiculous have they single out just Mexicans. Mexicans haven't done anything bad and its not their fault. They came here to better their lives and some have been living here for years but doesn't that count for anything? Doesn't that mean they should be a citizen? Today at school kids were walking out. For the march to have this law not to be passed. Classes were empty, nothing but Mexicans were walking out and the empty classes filled with white, natives, black, kids (some Mexicans stayed because they didn't want to get caught but very few stayed). You could already see how much this law will change everything and that they're alot of Mexicans here. Well I'm worried about my family and my love my everything my boyfriend. I've been crying lately because of this issue because my boyfriend of nine months is illegal and his parents and him are going back to Mexico because of this law. I really hoped it wouldn't have passed because i could be with him and now we might not get through this and have no choice but to say good-bye. It hurts thinking i won't be able to call him or see him or even text him again. It hurts knowing that one of these days soon that i will not see him forever.Right now i just hope for a miracle and that hopefully soon everything will be OK and they will doing something about this law and not make it a law anymore. I just hope my boyfriend can stay and won't move. He means so much to me and i just can't imagine life without him. His not only my boyfriend, his my best friend,my love, my hope, my other half, and most of all my life! All I'm asking for is to give me your opinion and if you can try to help in any way you can thanks for your time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Insecure + jealousy = emotional wreck!

MY ex, i have it bad for! Like over the moon can't stop thinking about, kinda bad.I just can't let him go. His my best friend. He was my first boyfriend and when i have a bad day he makes it better. But if i love him shouldn't i let him go? To move on with his life and forget about me and Never look back. For him to be happy for once and him to never look over his should and see me.
My boyfriend now on the other hand is so sweet and comforting me today after school when i was having a bad day and i just didn't want to say bye when i had to leave school and go home. His always been there for me and i told him so much. We broke up for less than 24 hours and that was the longest 24 hours of my life. We both felt like we died inside and got back together. When me and my ex broke up he waited weeks then went out again then broke up again and well you know the end.
I don't know what do to do anymore. the wrong decision can make my life now and if i pick the wrong one i could end up unhappy and miserable.
whats your opinions.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Forbidden fruit..

The other day i went to different stores trying to find things for a baby shower. Well my brother is having a baby boy so my two sisters and mom have been helping and they made me go with them to help but it was so boring!! I didnt want to be there and my brother, as i said before is stupid and i dont care about him that much with all the things me and him been through. I have my own reasons to being mean to him and his asshole!! Was being stupid telling me not to text and who im texting i was like leave me alone!
Anyways we went to check at this park they might have the baby shower at and we were playing on it messing around but it wasnt like other parks, it had all this weird slids and net like to climb and other things.It was really Cool!!So i ended up going home at like ten. I was so tired..
Then my ex texted me and started making me feel worse then tired. He wanted to see me but he doesn't go to the same high school i go to. So its kinda hard to see someone that doesn't attend the same school. I can't be around him without wanting to cry! Because all i can think when i see him is i want to just hug him tight and not let go and just for him to be my boyfriedn then i could kiss him with out the label cheater or loosing the great boyfriend i have for nothing more then something thats problem not even good for me in the first place. It's like Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit but she couldn't help it and just took one bite of it..His my forbidden fruit that i can't even dare taste and just have to forget.
Well another day of school should cheer me up NOT!
I'm going to head to bed soon later night!